Wednesday, December 29, 2004

First Post from Work.

Tonight is my last night of freedom alone (Laura's not back until Friday, but I have band practice tomorrow). I'm going to make shrimp (which she dislikes) with rosemary and orange, and a Greek salad. High quality non-King Soopers shrimp, hopefully. Both are Bittman recipes from "HTCE". Probably have a St. Pauli Girl with dinner; bought this to go with last night's so-so Kung Po Chicken (courtesy of Hot Wok; the potstickers were great, tho!). Before I do that, I have to go to Wild Oats and King Soopers at the height of grocery-shopping time. I don't relish that, but then again, grocery shopping is one of my favorite things. Maybe not the actual shopping, but putting the bounty away in the fridge and cupboards - yeah, I like that.

Planned some advance meals as well. Puttanesca w/ Tuna tomorrow, and leftover salad. Coincidentally, I started reading the first Lemony Snicket book today...not quite Harry Potter, but entertaining. Puttanesca sauce (and a recipe for same) figures heavily in an early chapter. Leftovers and scraps on Friday (J.P.'s throwing a party, and there might be food, so I don't want to plan anything major). Then I'll make a real good luck New Year's Day feast on Saturday: hoppin' john, kale w/ double garlic, and cornbread. MMMMMMMMMMMMmmm.

Thinking about resolutions, but I think completely quitting cigs and cutting way back on everything else (including alcohol and butter - so sad) is good enough and I've already started that. Maybe actually using the gym membership...

I keep thinking about veganism someday, but I think I like fish and dairy products (and chicken skin! and spaghetti carbonara!) way too much for that. Plus I honestly don't feel the karmic effects of meat eating.


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