Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today is Day 5! and, Physical Activity

Today is Day 5 of eating Primal . So far so good! I have been keeping track of my intake in FitDay just to make sure I get balanced nutrition and to ensure I stay honest regarding starchy tubers and fruit (I'm allowing myself to eat these things - just not going overboard). There are a couple of things that are kind of surprising to me:
  • I'm basically staying under 150 g. of carbs per day without even trying very hard. I'm sort of trying - I mean, I check the carb-protein-fat balance and am aware of it, so I'm trying a little. But it's just kind of happening. Neat!
  • I'm staying around or under 1500 calories daily, again, without really trying. In fact, it's kind of a challenge to eat MORE calories without eating butter straight or eating a ton of cheese or etc. I think this is because...
  • I'm not that hungry! I mean, I get hungry when it's time to eat, but I don't get that feeling of "oh, I could eat all night" that I usually get.
  • A huge portion of my calories are coming from fat (like, 50%). This doesn't really bother me - I like fat and I'm not afraid of it. But I guess some of the low-fat indoctrination crap has wormed its way into my psyche, 'cause that seems like a lot.
I'm pleased with how this is going. Not missing carby stuff itself much - just kind of missing the role it plays against proteins and such- sopping up juices and egg yolks mainly. But...seeing as I live alone, there's nothing to stop me from just licking the plate. :) Not a bad solution.

Anyhoo. Enough of that. Physical activity! I'm not brand-new to it, but I am kind of a newbie at deliberately planning my exercise. Right now, I'm just focusing on getting to the gym, getting moving, and challenging my muscles a bit. I'm doing cardio every day because it makes me feel good mood-wise, but nothing excessive - 30 min. daily, maximum. As for lifting heavy stuff, I've never done it before and I'm doing this alone - so I'm being cautious and starting small/unweighted. I've also had rotator cuff issues in the past, so rather than jumping into major upper body work, I'm working on posture and stabilizing the shoulder first.

So the physical activity I'm doing is not supa-primal yet, but it's a start. At least I am moving around again! I'm going to keep cautiously experimenting and see how my body responds.


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