Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Preview: more 'bean burgers'; cabbage & noodles; lentils & rice

This week's meals will be simple, as I've got other important stuff to do for the next two weeks. I'm especially looking forward to our slightly "Russian" meal tomorrow. This will consist of a braised cabbage with noodles dish, served with applesauce, rye bread, and more beets. The same bean burgers as last week, 'cause I've got some bread crumbs and parsley to use up. And lentils and rice because...well, because.

Really, because I'm trying to remain focused on legumes, grains, and vegetables when planning these meals. First of all, meat is just too damned expensive. Second, I don't like it quite enough to merit spending so much money on it. Third, it's not as good for me. I'm getting myself ready for Lent, I guess - Lent comes early this year. I'm going to give up meat (and probably alcohol) for sure during that time, and spend the last two weeks of it doing a 'cleanse'. Yeah, sounds all crazy and new age-y, I know. This isn't one of those insane 'lemon juice fast - enema' thingys, though; a relatively sane cleanse.

I'm trying really hard to cut back on sugar, too. This is not easy for me. I have been wanting dessert (ice cream, pudding, etc.) every evening for a week. I really do need a treat of some kind once in awhile. My new plan is to use Brown Cow Cream Top yogurt for this purpose. Sure, it's got sugar and saturated fat. But it's as tasty as ice cream! And more beneficial, in my mind.

What would REALLY be good for me is to give up Hellman's mayonaise. I can eat that stuff with a SPOON. Gross, I know. One thing at a time, Nikki.

Now, if I could just get myself to the GYM in the mornings. I still haven't managed that, but I feel guilty about it many times a day now, so it shouldn't be long...


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