Sunday, March 01, 2009

A full week, and then...

...I fell off the wagon. Chocolate, and chocolate ice cream. And unfortunately, I was not moderate about it.

In retrospect, I was playing with fire prior to this - binging on dairy more than I wanted to, eating out of boredom and not hunger.

I am back on track today. A little annoyed with myself, but not devastated. Given how attached I've been to sweet stuff, and given my unfamiliarity with willpower and food choices...this wasn't surprising. It was an instructive slip-up; I didn't feel very good yesterday or today. Today I ate well and exercised well, and I feel great.

So, here's what I've gleaned so far:
  • I can't have sweet foods in the house and expect not to eat them (for now).
  • Neither can I go to the grocery store in the evenings after work and expect not to pick up something undesirable and/or unhealthy (for now).
  • I get the bored munchies on days when I'm not physically active.
  • The bored munchies are a sign that I 1) need to get off the computer or 2) eat some more of the nutritious food I made for dinner.
Getting creative with breakfasts already. That hasn't been as difficult as I thought, but I am not rigid in my definition of breakfast food.

I've found that the amount of money I've been spending on food has increased a little bit. Not too terribly much, but I don't have the resources or space to be able to buy meat in bulk as I'd like to (one day I'll have a chest freezer!), so I spend more. I did pick up a used Crock Pot for $10 today! That should go quite a ways in allowing me to purchase cheaper cuts of meat.


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