Thursday, February 10, 2005

Weird Asian produce in my future?????

I'm so pumped.

I remember complaining to Mom and Dad last month? week? about my lack of garden space and my longing for tomatos, among other things. It really WAS torture to get all these catalogues for heirloom seeds and not be able to think about planting a-one of 'em - or at least to have to limit myself to varieties that would do well in pots.

Well, that may all change very soon. I was poking around on the City of Fort Collins website and found out that the city DOES run a community garden. It's located down in the south end of town, which is a drawback, but otherwise it sounds perfect. $35 fee with a $15 deposit (to be refunded at the end of the season), and 150 square feet of organic garden space. They'll till it for me, and I get access to water supply and compost bins.

Really, it sounded TOO perfect. I was positive that all the slots had already been snapped up. Turns out it isn't true! I emailed the lady and she got right back to me - there are 8 slots left. EIGHT! But they will be filling up fast, so I'm going to get my application in as soon as I can.

I really cannot wait. I got this heirloom seed catalog that has SIX pages of melons, most of which I have never seen nor heard of before. And FOUR pages of tomatos divided by color. It's going to be hard not to overdo it. I need to go down to the site itself and see what I'm working with, so I can start thinking. Heck, I'm already thinking! I've got to find some way of starting seeds (I think) so that I can grow all this fabulous stuff I keep seeing pictures of. I don't have a greenhouse or growlights, so it will take some work. And I'd like to grow some flowers, too, along with the vegetables and herbs. Don't want to be too inundated with produce we won't use.

I'm so happy I could just burst. We won't be picking plots until Saturday the 5th. Too long to wait!!! I want to start planning my plot now!


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